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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Acid Test for Rotary Attributes - Tools that Help Retain & Attract Members

    A few days ago I received a LinkedIn alert that one of its discussions encouraged presidents-elect to input their goals on Rotary Club Central.  Within hours I also received a phone call from a Rotary leader wanting to discuss presidents-elect training seminars and district assemblies.  During the conversation I was asked my opinion on what could be done to encourage clubs to do more projects and programs and utilize Rotary Club Central, Club Runner, or the customized district and club data base DaCdb. 
    I happen to be a simple-minded engineer.  Like most engineers, I use fundamental principles when approaching issues.  My brain’s neurons activated and sent chemical signals racing to revive stored Rotary fundamentals:  Rotary clubs exist for one purpose and one purpose only – To Advance the Object of Rotary.  If clubs are effective at advancing the Object of Rotary, they will retain and attract members.  If clubs are not effective at advancing the Object of Rotary, they will not retain and attract members.  My mind-mouth audio system connected and blurted, “Sell clubs and districts on why utilizing the tools of choice could help them advance the Object of Rotary; help them retain and attract members.  If there is not a connection, they will not consider the tools useful."
     Rotary International has over 34,000 autonomous member clubs in over 200 countries and territories.  Their officers and members are knowledgeable people - local business, professional, and community leaders.  The simple human commonality they share is that they would most likely use any tool that would help their club retain and attract members.  So the acid test is a simple question that only each local club can answer – Will this tool (attribute, data base system, program, project, etc.) help my club advance the Object of Rotary; retain and/or attract members? 

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