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Monday, February 21, 2011

Leadership in Rotary is not for TIMID!

Leadership in any organization is a challenge. But in most organizations the customers, suppliers, and in non-profits, beneficiaries, are relatively clear. How do we gain a better understanding of these concepts for our Rotary organizations?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Strategic Plan Starting Point!

What is the base upon which to build a District Strategic Plan?” was the major question at the recent Zone 34 Membership Seminar. The attendees decided it was necessary to answer this question before they could begin creating effective plans. First, the RI Code of Policies, 17.010.1 states, “The activities and organization of a Rotary district shall exist solely to help the individual club advance the object of Rotary. . .” Then attendees, all of whom were district leaders, decided that they should treat individual Rotary clubs as customers. Then the attendees concluded that to create an effective plan, it would be wise to define what their customers’ (clubs) needed to accomplishing their objective.

To see their creative base upon which to create an effective strategic plan, click here!

Will Rotary Learn?

Can Rotary Learn From General Motors?

A new look at Membership - A Chilling Analogy

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rotary's Recruiting Death Dance

Rotary's annual recruiting waltz is our Dance of Death and reminds me of the mythical Thorn Bird who sings it most beautiful song as it impales itself to death on a thorn.  If one critically analyzes our recruiting dance, it becomes obvious that the practice is organization-centered, not member-centered. It comes from an inward point of view . . . Recruitment Death Dance (Click here to read more.)

Customers, and Only Customers, Authenticate a Brand

Can Rotary Perfect Its Brand?

Throughout North America, indications are that Rotary still has credibility but has ceased perfecting its Brand. In the five years from 2005 through 2009, Zone 34, with over 34,000 Rotarians, inducted 22,467 new members and lost 23,053. This indicates that, after decades of building respect and credibility, the name Rotary still attracts its target audience – members –

Danger of Misalignment

The Anarchy of Misaligned Core Essences, Brand Promises, and Target Audiences

Brand alignment is more than designing and synchronizing the Rotary logos, annual themes, mottos, and creeds. Brand alignment means harmonizing the organization’s core essence with its brand promise (the thoughts, feelings, and images the organization’s brand delivers to its target audience.) This alignment is vital in ALL interconnecting relationships, but especially when interconnecting with target audiences - those who fund the organization’s operations.