Why Organization's Fail

Rotary didn't stop developing membership because people were not interested in joining local Rotary clubs. Recent membership metrics have proven that. It stopped growing because Rotary and its member clubs became product oriented instead of member oriented. They marketed the results of the Object of Rotary instead of its value to its member clubs and Rotarians - its customers - those who fund its operations.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Rotary's Future Vision - The Rotary Foundation wants to know your thoughts and opinions about it.

Past RI President John Kenny, Chair of The Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees, in inviting Rotarians to tell about their experiences with the Areas of Focus and grants, both district and global. The Board is seeking your ideas for improvement that could make The Rotary Foundation more effective; the best possible.  He has put together a committee, chaired by PRIP Bill Boyd, to review all comments and suggestions.  For convenience, you can send your thoughts through email to this address:

This is an example of Rotary opening leadership, so now is the time to utilize email and social media to spread the word so Hopeful Rotarians can make their views known.  I have, by email and through past Rotatorials.  Everyone interested in how The Rotary Foundation raises and utilizes funds should take this opportunity to express their thoughts.