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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Marketing Rotary - The Series

District 6960's 2015 Membership Seminar was perhaps the best membership seminar this ancient Rotarian has ever attended.  District Membership Chair, PDG Tim Milligan, and George Chaffey, a former Rotary Coordinator from California, conducted The New Focus.  It centered on retaining and attracting members by examining Rotary clubs (and indirectly Rotary International) from the points of views of existing and potential Rotarians, which is critically necessary when Marketing Rotary and promoting Rotary's Public Image.
     In 2014-15, Retention Central published a series on Marketing Rotary.  Marketing's goal is to have membership selling itself, whether it is groups of people wanting to join Rotary International, or individuals wanting to join a local Rotary club.  The series' intent was to present Marketing Rotary in a manner that interested Rotarians could think about, understand, and apply basic marketing fundamentals.  The series was not intended to make anyone a marketing professional, but there is no question that to create Rotarians clubs must deliver value to them.  Rotary International must do the same for clubs while assisting them in delivering value to Rotarians.  For the convenience of those who would like to review the series, or any Rotatorial within the series, here are the titles with links to the Rotatorials in the order in which they should be read.

Marketing Rotary 101 - Introduction

102A - Them - Those who make Rotary possible

102B - Them - Present and Future

103 - Internal Marketing to District Governors

104 - Why Rotary?

105 - Rotary's Position/Mission Statement

106 - Producing and Capturing Rotary's Value

107 - Rotary's Prime Target Audience

108 - Existing Members

109 - Potential Members

110 - Starting New Clubs

Perhaps this will make it easier for interested Rotarians to refresh their memories of some basics when Marketing Rotary.

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