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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rotary's Recruiting Death Dance

Rotary's Recruiting Death Dance

Is Rotary's Recruiting Death Dance the living equivalent of the melodic song the mythical Thorn Bird sings as it impales itself to death?

To read this timeless Rotatorial on silencing recruiting's captivating melody. please click here.


  1. Wonderful Jim............and vitally important for Rotarians to realize the problems they face.

    Ron Nethercutt
    RC Mabalacat D 3790

  2. For Rotary clubs, centering on recruiting and net gain numbers is deadly. Primary efforts must be on retaining and attracting. Changing to the attracting mindset for all club activities completely alters direction on everything. All club activities should ask: Does this meeting, committee, weekly bulletin, program, web site, etc attract our customer - present and potential members?