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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Rotary Membership is a Result of . . .

Rotary International (RI) and its member clubs producing attributes that clubs and Rotarians value!  The sticky point for RI is that it doesn't determine the value of the attributes it creates; clubs and Rotarians do.  The results of delivering what clubs and Rotarians value is reflected in accurate, timely membership reports of clubs, districts, zones and regions i.e. membership retention and attraction rates.

 RI has:

·       recognized that it is in the membership development business,
·       acknowledged that membership is its top operational priority,
·       authorized a standing membership development committee, and

     These combine to make it much easier to gauge the success of attributes and innovations.  The missing link is determining the value clubs and Rotarians receive from everything RI offers, does, requires, recommends, and/or endorses.  For example, what value do clubs and/or Rotarians receive
·       by participating in Rotary Club Central?
·       by being required to subscribe to Rotary's monthly magazines?
·       by RI sending president's representatives to district conferences?
·       from district conferences?
·       by sending president-elects to training seminars? 
·       from a district governor's visit?

     Without continually evaluating all connections from the viewpoint of clubs and Rotarians, RI has scant chance of optimizing its membership.  It must continually, based on local clubs' and Rotarians' demographics, psychographics, values, realities, and needs, maximize the value of every interconnecting relationship.  And that is a prime responsibility of Marketing!
  The Rotary network grew because past Rotarians experienced the value of being a Rotarian.  The Rotary network suffered because RI diverted its original value proposition - the Object of Rotary - from its natural course.  It is RI's responsibility to take the lead in reigniting the value of being a Rotarian.  It should take this opportunity to be the innovative industry leader it once was and create a Marketing group responsible for determining the value of every connection with those who fund its operations - clubs and Rotarians - because ROTARIANS MAKE THE WORLD BETTER, ONE COMMUNITY AT THE TIME.

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