Why Organization's Fail

Rotary didn't stop developing membership because people were not interested in joining local Rotary clubs. Recent membership metrics have proven that. It stopped growing because Rotary and its member clubs became product oriented instead of member oriented. They marketed the results of the Object of Rotary instead of its value to its member clubs and Rotarians - its customers - those who fund its operations.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Who needs Who?

            Fact:  Rotary International (R.I.) needs members more than the business, professional, and community leaders in local communities throughout the world need Rotary International! 

            To improve membership retention and attraction, R. I. and its member clubs must get serious about the way they define, implement, and manage the member experience. This will take visionary leaders who lead from the front knowing that R.I. and its member clubs are member-centered businesses, who the customers are and what they value.  The leaders must be results oriented, employ the power of language, disperse leadership, encourage open discussion and innovation, and create accurate measures of performance.

Is this in the strategic plans of R.I. or its member clubs?