Why Organization's Fail

Organization failure begins at the top. Rotary did not stop growing because people were not interested in joining local Rotary clubs. The number of people joining Rotary clubs proves that. It stopped growing because its leaders assumed it was in the business of supplying humanitarian services rather than in the business of creating Rotarians; they were product oriented instead of member oriented.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Can Placebo Effect Research help Rotary International with its Membership Stagnation Condition?

     Brain scans during placebo effect research show that placebos alter the biological process of pain response which, in turn, relieves the painful condition.  This indicates that many people do not need pills to alleviate the pain caused by a lingering problem.  All they need is the brain power and discipline to change from focusing on the symptoms associated with their problem and concentrate on positive actions and aspirations.
     Rotary International's lingering problem is membership stagnation.  The major symptom associated with this problem is the large number of Rotarians walking out of local Rotary clubs.  So do Rotary International and its member clubs have the brain power and discipline to cease treating this symptom with Ask and Recruit pills (which have not worked for going on two decades) and focus on positive actions and aspirations? 

This link http://rotaryclubofsarasota.com/documents/buckingdownwardtrend.pdf  tells how one club changed focus, concentrated on retaining members, and is growing.  If this club can do it, so can others.