Why Organization's Fail

Rotary didn't stop developing membership because people were not interested in joining local Rotary clubs. Recent membership metrics have proven that. It stopped growing because Rotary and its member clubs became product oriented instead of member oriented. They marketed the results of the Object of Rotary instead of its value to its member clubs and Rotarians - its customers - those who fund its operations.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Thank You - Rotary

for the many good things that have happened to me and my family because of Who Rotarians Are and the meaningful opportunities made available through your attributes.  Since 1966 my family and I have had so many wonderful experiences we could write an anthology.
     A special thanks goes to those who have followed this BLOG and given serious thought to the opinions and publications presented. Retention Central has centered on membership retention because clubs have very little difficulty attracting members, and Rotary's membership situation, particularly in North America, is serious.  Rotary's strength lies in its worldwide network of local clubs; each an autonomous alliance populated by local business, professional, and community leaders; people who do not have to be told what to do.  Excite them about the available opportunities that can help them make their lives, community, and the world better.  They will do the rest.  And there is absolutely no question that the only universally accurate measure of a club's effectiveness is its ability to retain and attract members.
     While my tag line recently has been the Angry Rotarian, I am not, and cannot be, angry at Rotary or Rotarians in general.  My anger is attributed to those leaders who have given, and continue to give, higher priority to Rotary's attributes, including the Rotary Foundation, than to the business Rotary is in and recognizing who it is that keeps Rotary in business - its customers - the average dues paying Rotarians; local leaders with enterprising minds who are making their community and the world a better place.
I will be forever grateful to the Rotarians who, through Rotary, have influenced my life and helped make it better. For me, life is approaching the horizon. The body has slowed, but the mind, mouth, fingers, and keyboard are still quite active.

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