Why Organization's Fail

Organization failure begins at the top. Rotary did not stop growing because people were not interested in joining local Rotary clubs. The number of people joining Rotary clubs proves that. It stopped growing because its leaders assumed it was in the business of supplying humanitarian services rather than in the business of creating Rotarians; they were product oriented instead of member oriented.

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Once a Rotarian, Always a Rotarian

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    "I have met many former members but very few former Rotarians" says southern California Past District 5300 Governor Steve Garrett in his BLOG post, "Refocusing Membership Development."
    PDG Steve's post tells a touching story that begins his closing paragraph with, "Customer service begins with understanding our members are our internal customers. Without them we have no ability to be of service to our external customers."
    Southern Ohio Past District 6690 Governor and Assistant Zone 30 Coordinator Brent Rosenthal's article in a recent issue of Rotary Leader headlines, "Treat Your Members as Customers" to create a strong club.  PDG Brent goes on to site common membership mistakes and attitudes he calls the "Four Fatal Flaws."
    These concerned past district governors from different decades and regions of North America point to the need to retain members because it takes time for them to evolve into true Rotarians.  Consider recommending both articles to all within your centers of influence because all Rotary leaders should treat clubs and members as the customers they are and strive to achieve the only purpose of Rotary International (R.I.) and its member clubs - to create Rotarians.

PDG Steve Garrett's BLOG is http://www.pdgstevegarrett.com/  For those who would like to sign up to receive his email notifications, visit  http://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/manage/optin/ea?v=001RmASHJDEZJZ6AmkKnmR-xA%3D%3D