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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Historic Membership Development by the RI Board of Directors

 A huge Retention Central Thank You goes to the group of senior leaders that have spearheaded this initiative.

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Rotary is at a critical point with respect to membership.  For nearly 20 years, membership has, at best, remained stagnant.  Significant changes need to be made in Rotary’s approach to membership if it is to continue to thrive in this century.  This membership development strategic plan endeavors to align operations and resources to Rotary’s strategic priorities and enable the Membership Development staff team with the guidance of the Membership Committee and support from the RI Board, to revitalize the traditional club model and also develop an alternative membership model that may prove more relevant and attractive to younger and future generations. In order to institutionalize a commitment to long-term membership sustainability and growth, this plan aligns with the RI Strategic Plan and supports and strengthens clubs so they may remain relevant and attractive to new members while also engaging to existing members. 

1.      Coordinated Institutional Focus
Continued and coordinated vision, focus and engagement of RI and TRF Senior Leadership and staff.
Enhance membership initiatives evaluation and membership reporting/measurement, including regional membership strategies.
Advise on proposed legislation related to innovation, flexibility and strengthening Rotary’s financial sustainability.
Ensure a consistent message that membership is the highest organizational priority of Rotary International while polio eradication remains Rotary’s highest program priority.
Secure institutional consensus on a definition of our mission, the purpose of our organization, who are our target audience(s) and who are our customers.
2.      Club Capacity Building
Identify ways to enhance the Rotary experience.
Increase understanding of Rotary and promote use of Rotary resources.
Strengthen district and club membership teams.
3.      Member Attraction
Develop alternative models and additional products that appeal to our target market.
Implement cross-channel, segmented marketing strategies that appeal to target markets in multiple generations.
Improve Rotary’s overall age, gender, ethnic and vocational diversity based on the existing qualifications for membership.
4.      Member Engagement
Continue to support surveys of existing and terminated club members to be able to increase member retention. 
Improve membership recognition opportunities for effective clubs and members.
Improve awareness of Rotary clubs in communities.
Leverage the annual RI Convention and Rotary conferences as an opportunity to better connect with members.
Enhance and actively market new member orientation and mentoring.

For Rotary International, this is Visionary, to say the least.  Such verbiage as 'Coordinated Institutional Focus', 'target market', 'qualifications for membership',  'strengthen district and club membership teams' 'Member Attraction', 'Improve membership recognition opportunities', 'leverage annual Conventions and conferences as a better opportunity to connect with members' coming from Rotary International is refreshing.  Now the plan has to be put into action, otherwise it is just a dream. 

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