Why Organization's Fail

Rotary didn't stop developing membership because people were not interested in joining local Rotary clubs. Recent membership metrics have proven that. It stopped growing because Rotary and its member clubs became product oriented instead of member oriented. They marketed the results of the Object of Rotary instead of its value to its member clubs and Rotarians - its customers - those who fund its operations.

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Rotary in North America - the Series

In 2011, Retention Central published the four-part Rotary in North America series.  All parts were on Retention Central's Most Widely Read list for a some time, Part IV the longest.  As time passed, requests for reprints have declined.  Now that clubs are being asked to be more active in Public Information, these may be worth reviewing.

Here are links to each part in the series:

Together we can get out of the ruts of membership decline in North America.  It can only happen when every Rotarian recognizes that clubs must know what their present and future members value and deliver that value.  Rotary International and member clubs must recognize that the only true measure of whether or not clubs are effective at delivering value are their
Retention and Growth rates.